Apr 22

Broken Orange Bubbled Cup

broken orange cup


I made this cup using a chunk of color that a fellow student named Kitty generously gave me. I went back and forth on what I was going to do with it. I love blue and orange and yellow together, or even blue and orange, but in the end I decided that I wanted to use the mold to make the grid of air bubbles, because it was more complicated and I’d grow as a glassblower.

First thing that went wrong was that I got an airbubble in one side while I was spreading the orange glass over the clear starter gather. I got it on uneven, and it blew out uneven, with a large bubble. I didn’t know this though, until after I got it out of the mold, and the lines of bubbles quickly became skewed. I managed to open the vessel anyway, and things were going fine until it came time to take it off the punte. Crack. It hadn’t been a good vessel anyway, but I asked to save it, because I wanted to talk about the mistakes as well as the successes. This is a mistake, a lot of little mistakes that led to a failure. I may be able to still use the glass for something, fusing practice probably

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