Apr 29

Jellyfish cup

jellyfish cup

I made this cup because I wanted to use the cool mold that puts regular grids of airbubbles in to your vessel. I used a solid chunk of lavender glass, because I also wanted to have a solid color, but the lavender comes out much, much lighter than I expected.

A number of things went wrong with this. One, i had a large air bubble on the side of the glass that caused it to blow out unevenly. The airbubble eventually burst, creating a jagged crater on the inside of the glass.

The stress of this uneveness (both in me and in the molten glass) made me unable to keep it on center, so that the piece turned out distored and oblong. It has an oval lip, rather than a round one.

As a drinking vessel, it’s faulty, because of the jagged inner part and because of the unsymmetrical lip. However, it does make a nice looking flower vase (not that I lack those). I called it the jellyfish cup because the pale lavender is hard to see, but feels close to a flourescent hue under black light would.


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  1. Very cool! The photo really highlights the bubbles, too!

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