May 05

Copper-Green Goldfish Mosaic

copper goldfish shrine


This is the shrine I referenced in the greenman shrine of a few weeks ago. It’s actually more of a mosaic than a shrine. I made most of the tiles during a marathon polymer-clay session last summer. I do most of my polymer clay sessions in the summer because my studio had no heat, and it’s easier to work that clay at 78-80 degrees than 55-65 degrees.

In addition to the polymer clay tiles, I have some tiles which are metal wrapped around cardboard, and the corner pieces are a fleur-de-lis cardboard embelllishment cut and reassembled to make it less recognizably French.

The plastic fish in the middle came from…somewhere? it was one of those things that just seem to appear. I probably picked it up off the floor of my kids’ playroom, sparing it from a cleaning session because I like fish. I gave it a paint job to touch it up, and a shiny coat of interference paint to make it glisten. The other fish are decoupaged from some art paper I bought years ago.

I made the oval in the center by cutting an oval out of mat board several sheets thick and the same shape as the frame of the piece. I’d made the frames out of some scrap trim a few years ago, and have saved them for whenever I want to make a shrine or mosaic. Somehow it’s easier to build to fit a frame than to build a frame to fit a piece.

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