May 15

Light Blue Tapered Swirl Cup

blue striped cup


I made this cup using the optics mold, trying to reproduce the beautiful blue and white and light blue cups I gave away two years ago. I can’t even remember exactly what they looked like, excepet that there were a number of them and when I let people take whichever cup they liked, those went first. This isn’t right. This isn’t the right color blue (I think I used blue adventurine) and I think it’s not the right white either (I think I used larger frit.)  It’s an okay looking cup though, and it’s got a thin enough lip t hat I can drink out of it.

I do have plenty of drinking glasses. In our house, all the drinking glasses are different from one another, so that when you get a glass  to drink out of, you can just keep using that glass instead of getting a new one. That’s the theory, anyway. In reality, we still run the dishwasher an awful lot. I think I’m just as bad as the rest of my family.

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