Jun 09

Adele Bloch-Bauer 1 –Klimt fanfic project

Adele Bloch Bauer start


I had this really cool idea, this grand plan.  I’d been thinking how this year I wanted to try to make a film, so I thought that a great subject for a film would be a film about me making something. I mean, most of my blog posts are about how I made something. So I got this big piece of cardboard from a friend, and came up with an idea.

Then I asked Jeremy to help me videotape it. Originally, I was going to try to film it with a cell phone held in my bra, but the video footage proved poor. Also, iphones are difficult in terms of how to transfer media to my computer. So Jeremy set up the video camera attached to a laptop, so that I could record as much footage as I wanted. He showed me how to do it. It’s tricky. You have to do three seperate steps, none of which are intuitive.

First video, I got some great footage of me priming  a piece of cardboard with latex house paint/primer. It wasn’t until I had finished my second painting session that I realized that somewhere along the way, I forgot one of the three steps, so what I thought was good footage was nonexistent footage. I was so sad that I cried. I’d spent somewhere between 4-6 hours on this video project, only to find that the video part was untenable.  So now it’s not a video project anymore, it’s just a reproduction of a famous Gustav Klimt painting.  I’m going to post several blog posts about this project, each with a photo of the work as it progresses. This isn’t done yet.

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