Aug 18

Red Palm Leaf Book

red palm and leaf book


This is one of those covers that I altered so much that I can hardly remember what the base looked like. I think it was a pink-and-red calico. I did the leaf pattern with black gesso and a texture plate, then painted over the whole thing with red acrylic. the central leaf shape is actually done with a seperate stamp. I tried using gold embossing powder to enhance it, but the embossing powder doesn’t work very well on cloth.

The embellishments on this are two pieces I made out of shrinky-dink ¬†years ago. Actually, I think they’re not real shrinky-dink, but a knockoff from Target which actually works better. I drew the designs and colored them with pencils. Made these with some friends. I made a bunch of them and put them in a bag and stuck them in my chest of embellishments.

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