Dec 29

Swimming Carp Indigo Shirt

indigo 003 indigo 004This is a better indigo tie dye than the last one, probably because it’s not a tie dye. I used washable Elmer’s glue as a batik resist and free-hand drew these carp. Japanese carp are something I’ve drawn enough to feel pretty confident about them, and I thought they would look well with white on blue, as it’s a traditional motif.

The first batik shirt I did, I used the glue straight from the bottle. I wanted finer lines for this, so I started by using my jacquard bottle, which has syringe-tips blunted and attachable to the nozzle. Perhaps not surprisingly, when filling the bottle with a syringe, I decided that it would be easier to apply it to the shirt with the syringe. Some of the lines I went over with the glue from the bottle so that they were thicker, and I also used the glue straight from the bottle for the bubble dots.

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