Jan 05

Big Striped Flower Pot

big striped flowerpot big striped flowerpot blemish

My sister was visiting, and we wanted to do a craft project together. I figured we could do glazing, because she doesn’t have a kiln at home.

I’d been thinking of doing some glazing, and a week or so earlier I’d added water to all of my low-fire glazes, which had dried out. I had all kinds of cool ideas as to how to mix the glazes using a drill or dremel. I even made a tiny propeller-shaped mixer blade out of a roofing nail. That was underwhelming. I tried to use a small allen wrench as a mixing tool, with some small degree of success, but when a glaze is completely dried out and you add water, it still takes a while to mix.

So my first problem was that I didn’t mix the glazes all properly. Second problem was that the black glaze on the top is supposed to be fire-engine red, but I left the peephole open while firing and it didn’t reduce enough. Third problem was that I didn’t remove the gooey gunk from the price tag sticker, and as a result, the glaze beaded up on that spot.

So, my pot doesn’t look like I wanted or expected it to. But, it will hold a plant, and the glaze will make it slightly more weather-resistant.

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