Feb 02

Scorpion and Other Bottlecaps

scorpion and other caps

I gave some of my bottlecaps away, so I decided to make more. This is a simple, short-term project that can tide me over while I’m waiting for something or when I don’t know what I want to make. I have a hole-punch that I use to make perfect 1″ circles, but it broke recently. I have no evidence that this break occurred due to recent incidents involving my niece, my daughter, and some homestuck cosplay pieces.

Top left is part of a box of chai from TJ’s that had a peacock illustration I couldn’t bear to not use. Bottom left uses some old Japanese paper that turned transparent when the resin hit it, revealing the blob of un-dried white glue underneath. Bottom left uses part of a sheet of stamps from 2001 or 2002 (the scorpion is part of the Sonoran Desert). The top right uses part of a book cover. ( I have a lot of book covers, since I’ve been cannibalizing books for other projects.

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