Feb 05

Oriole postcard

oriole on map

I wanted to play around with some stencils and modelling paste I’d bought, so I used as a ground some old postcard blanks I made years ago. They have black paper on one side and pale grey or white on the other. The series of Xs is the stenciled modeling paste, which not only makes an opaque white shape but also a raised design. I did a series of monoprints and rolled out paint over it, which was not quite sufficient interest.

I got the idea for the bird from something I saw at IKEA, a wall hanging that had some birds sketched in ink on maps. I sketched the bird during some free time and then filled it in with colored ink later. I cut it out and used the part cut out for a stencil for more monoprints, then glued the positive image onto this. I’ve already mailed this postcard to a friend. I hope she likes it.

1 comment

  1. Keyan

    She *loved* it!

    Thank you!

    – Keyan

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