Feb 09

Honeycomb Wren postcard

tanager on hex

I made this by starting with a piece of some of Tim Holz’s paper that’s white with a pattern printed in resist. The pattern is the larger honeycomb you see there. I layered it over with blue acrylic, and also used a rubber stamp with honeycomb to put the smaller honeycomb pattern on there. To add more interest, I added the purplish red ink wash over it. I think that it’s not this purplish in real life, that some of that was the auto-correct from the camera.

The bird was a sketch I did on some patterned paper, that I Later cut out and pasted on for interest. I like the way it looks when I cut them out, but I don’t like cutting them out. I wonder if I can wheedle a kid into doing it for me?

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