Feb 12

Cash Cow and Renaissance Man

cash cow and other caps Here are four more bottlecap magnets I made. One of the things I found was that the background image had a more profound impact than the things embedded in it, unless the thing embedded in it was something cool like a pair of tiny scissors. That’s part of why I didn’t put anything in the one that has the painting of the man looking to his left.

The one with the cow in it has some pieces of shredded dollar bills in it.  I don’t remember where I got the tiny baggie of shredded money, but I instantly knew I’d want to use it for some kind of project.

The bird is from some art paper I bought from The Paper Studio, which, sadly, no longer has a brick-and-mortar location in my neighborhood.

The monarch butterfly is from a millefleur polymer clay cane I made a few years ago.

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