Apr 07

Book Review: A Woman’s Worth

A Woman's WorthA Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson

This book was given to me years ago, and somehow it survived moving house. I felt like I needed something for spiritual nourishment, and went looking for it. Found it on a shelf, untouched for nearly a decade.
That’s basically what the book is: spiritual nourishment. It’s not a story, it’s not hard facts, it’s basically uplifting prose shot at you. Like a too-sweet scented candle, it’s hard to take all at once, which is part of the reason why it took me two weeks to get through it.

It talks about femininity in hyperbolic terms, which will probably rankle anyone if you listen to it all and take it all seriously. Best to think of this not as a how-to guide, but a love-bomb from a timeless writer.

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