Apr 27

Hawthorn on Antique Paper

hawthorn on antique damask This postcard makes me think that maybe I’d rather draw plants than animals. It occurred to me that a lot of the patterns you do when doing Zentangles are basically plant forms.  I was thinking about Hawthorns, because of a character in the novel I’m writing now who is of the Clan Hawthorn, and I realized I wasn’t quite sure what they looked like, since they don’t grow here. So I looked it up. (Thanks, Google!)

When i was in high school, if you wanted to draw anything that wasn’t in front of you, you had no recourse except to look in books or magazines. Now you can find anything in the world, just by clicking on it, and have a full-color picture there to view. It makes drawing a lot easier.

I’m happy with the way the semi-translucent ink looks with the pattern behind it.

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