May 25

Shadowed Tree Postcard

shadowed trees postcard

This was my first experiment using stencils and modeling paste. I bought the stencil at a craft store in Chandler, but I hadn’t yet gotten around to using it. The modeling paste (which I will be using again, since I bought it in a rather large jar, on sale) is so thick that the best way to apply it is with a painting trowel. I used the long thin palette knife type, as the straight edge of the blade was long enough to go across the width of the postcard.

The modeling paste dried white and hard, like a cross between gesso and plaster. It’s basically acrylic medium with something in it to give it a rigid body. I liked the crisp lines of the texture, but the contrast between the white paste and the black of the postcard background felt too stark, so I daubed it over with blue, and then did a monoprint on it.

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