Jul 06

Broken Shino Slab Pot

brokenshinobox┬áThis is one of those “failure is a part of the learning process” kind of things. I spent a ton of time trying to recreate a pot I’d bought at the store for not very much money, and I ended up failing. But I learned a lot along the way! One of the things I learned is that if you want to create slab pots, you need to have a lot of control over the dryness of the clay. Wait too long and they won’t attach (see above) don’t wait long enough and they’ll slump. Since my class is only once a week and I don’t check on them between classes, they can easily dry too quickly. I managed to dry my coffee cups slowly enough that the handles didn’t break off, but this one didn’t make it. Too bad. I like the wax-resist shino designs I made with the Moroccan pattern stencil.

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