Oct 26

Blue Black Pinch Pot

blue green pinch pot This was one of the pots I made in the spring pottery session. It was technically a throwing class, but I wasn’t that into throwing. I’ve been drifting away from pottery for a while. To be honest, I mostly took the class because I wanted to be near my friends, and especially to be near Bridget Cherie Harper who was the teacher of the class and a very good friend.

I decided to make a lot of flowerpots because I had recently discovered the secret to keeping houseplants and succulents alive (lots of sun, not much water) and was kind of starry-eyed with the idea of filling my house with lots and lots of plants. Now I’ve kind of gone the other way and realized that houseplants, like housecats, are one of those things that you can easily have too many of. But, it’s easier to find a home for a houseplant than a housecat, especially with a funky handmade pot.


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    • Ann on November 7, 2015 at 5:27 am

    that is true, you can find a home for a houseplant, esp with that cute pot you made.

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