Nov 02

Spiky pot

spiky potThis was the second of two pots that I made to try to replicate a pot I got (with plants!) at Lowe’s for less than the cost of the cheap plants inside it. Something about the subdued glaze and repetitive pattern really appealed to me, in a retro mid-century way (which is weird, because I dislike mid-century style).

The irony is not lost on me that I spent a great deal of time, money, and effort trying to recreate something that was not only cheap, but which I already possessed.

As with the other one, I made this (after failed attempts at sprigs and attaching slices of coil) by putting slip in a plastic bag and cutting a hole in one end. I made ink dots on graph paper, then used the graph paper to transfer the regular dots to the wet surface, then realized that I could do it myself pretty evenly without that, which is good because the ink didn’t transfer perfectly. ┬áThose tiny dabs of slip dried great–into very sharp spikes. Sanding it when green didn’t work, as they’d just snap off. Sanding it while bisqued didn’t work, as they’d snap off. Glazing it sort of made them better, but this is still a pot you’d be better off wearing gloves to handle.

I still like it.


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