Dec 18

Book Review: Victory of Eagles

Victory of Eagles (Temeraire, #5)Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik

When I finished this book, I immediately bought the next one in the series. I’m really enjoying the characters and the world and how different each novel is from the one that preceded it. This novel is set once again in England, but the decisions and the events in the previous novel have an impact on this one.

I found this novel to be the most emotional of them so far. Temeraire and Lawrence are separated in the beginning and have a lot of wrenching angst because of it. There are a few despairing moments. There are also several moments where the plot trundles on in one direction and then veers suddenly aside; a mark of a good storyteller. While this wasn’t the most fun, this book was like the wrenching experience that draws people closer together. I think it is so far one of the strongest books in the series.

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