Feb 14

Book Review: The Heat Stealer

The Heat Stealer (Desert Mages #3)

The Heat Stealer by Kater Cheek

This is the third book in the Desert Mages (Susan Stillwater) series, and it might be the end of the series as I have no plans at this point for a fourth.

Susan, Zoe, Griff and Darius are living together in Zoe’s house when the air conditioner breaks and Darius announces he’s moving out. The three remaining housemates are desperate to keep their living situation intact. With money perpetually tight, they can’t afford to replace the air conditioner, and they can’t get a new roommate in Arizona if the house isn’t air conditioned. So they turn to magic. Susan casts a spell, and everything seems to be going swell when their new roommate Paloma literally makes things cooler just by being around. She has a “metaphysical disability” in that she steals heat from her surroundings.

Susan soon realizes that Paloma isn’t the godsend she appears to be. Everyone in the house start to suffer from insomnia and go a little crazy. After some nasty accidents, Susan digs further and finds out that Paloma has left a trail of horror and tragedy from every one of her living situations. Susan tries to convince her roommates that Paloma is killing them, but they don’t want to hear it; they think Susan herself is responsible.

Soon, Susan cares less about everyone staying together in the house and more about staying alive.

The first book in this series is Alternate Susan, and the second book is Mulberry Wands.

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