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Name: Catherine Cheek
Date registered: August 10, 2007
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Catherine "Kater" Cheek is a writer and artist.

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Aug 27

Faerie Killer: Chapter Thirteen

  Chapter Thirteen The morning was muggy and damp, steam rising from the asphalt from the previous night’s rain. Kit was driving around in her car, in between dropping off some paperwork at the lawyer’s office and going to an obscure Chinese pharmacy to see if she could find some herb whose name Holzhausen had …

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Aug 24

Keyhole Tumbler 3

keyhole tumbler 3

My sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told her I wanted rubber stamps that had blocks of text in a foreign language.  I couldn’t find any myself, but she’s an expert shopper and found several nice pieces. They were unmounted, which made them perfect for these projects. To get the …

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Aug 20

Faerie Killer: Chapter Twelve

  Chapter Twelve       Jackie missed the Black Dogs. She told herself she just missed dancing, but she also missed them, every single dorky one of them, except Tim, who was an unforgivable asshole. She hadn’t realized how much of her social life was tied up with the dance troupe until she got …

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Aug 17

Keyhole Tumbler 2

keyhole tumbler2 back

The clay I used this session was a mixture of leftover clay and some new bags that I bought from an artstore that is (sadly) going out of business. This Amador is lovely unglazed, but it turns this iron-speckled grey when it has clear on it. The clear also obscures some of the detail from …

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Aug 13

Faerie Killer: Chapter Eleven

  Chapter Eleven   An angry knock on the door woke them all up. He’d been sleeping again. He never liked sleeping, none of them did, but sleep wasn’t something you could avoid forever. You could postpone it for a day or two at most, but then your newly mortal body would shut down for …

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