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Name: Catherine Cheek
Date registered: August 10, 2007
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Catherine "Kater" Cheek is a writer and artist.

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Jan 30

My Amended Publishing Plan

I’ve had all kinds of strategies in mind for how to make it as a writer, based on stuff I’ve been told to do by other writers, marketers, agents. You have to have a web presence, they say. You have to build a blog following. You have to make a name for yourself as a …

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Jan 28

Book Review: The Zen of Fish

The Zen of Fish: The Story of Sushi, from Samurai to Supermarket by Trevor Corson If I had to give a 6 word review for this, it would be “good with fish, bad with people.” This book talks about sushi, from its origins to how it’s evolved over time. If you’re a sushi aficionado, this …

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Jan 23

Book Review: Diary

Diary by Chuck Palahniuk This is the kind of book that creeps under your skin and interferes with dreams. I haven’t read any of Palahniuk’s other books, but one of his biggest fans recommended I start with this one, perhaps because it involves an artist as a protagonist and he thought I’d identify. Palahniuk has …

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Jan 20

Glass Apple

glass apple

I made this in the same pumpkin making workshop I made the glass pumpkin in. I forgot to use the optics mold, so it turned into an apple instead of a pumpkin. Since it was going to be a different kind of fruit, I made a dimple in the bottom, and asked for a green-hued …

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Jan 17

Book Review: Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen While I’m not surprised that this book landed on the bestseller list, I remain baffeld as to how this began life as a NaNoWriMo book, because WATER FOR ELEPHANTS has so many circus-specific and depression-era specific details that it seemed like the kind of book where you’d have to …

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