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Name: Catherine Cheek
Date registered: August 10, 2007
URL: http://www.coopdegrace.com


Catherine "Kater" Cheek is a writer and artist.

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Feb 10

Book Review: A Little Night Magic (Audio)

A Little Night Magic by Lucy March There are a lot of very likeable elements in this urban fantasy. It starts out swiftly. Liv, the small-town protagonist, has just bought a plane ticket to Europe. She’s tired of her small-town life, and tired of being in love with Tobias, who doesn’t seem to return her …

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Feb 09

Tarot Mosaic

tarot mosaic

This is a mosaic I did last year with some tiles I’ve made over the years. Here’s a picture of it installed. All of these tiles are ones I’ve made myself.

Feb 01

Book Review: Medium Raw

Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook by Anthony Bourdain This is a review of the audiobook, so bear that in mind when I say that you can summarize this easily: Anthony Bourdain rants about the food industry for 9 hours. Not that that’s a bad thing. …

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Jan 30

My Amended Publishing Plan

I’ve had all kinds of strategies in mind for how to make it as a writer, based on stuff I’ve been told to do by other writers, marketers, agents. You have to have a web presence, they say. You have to build a blog following. You have to make a name for yourself as a …

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Jan 28

Book Review: The Zen of Fish

The Zen of Fish: The Story of Sushi, from Samurai to Supermarket by Trevor Corson If I had to give a 6 word review for this, it would be “good with fish, bad with people.” This book talks about sushi, from its origins to how it’s evolved over time. If you’re a sushi aficionado, this …

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