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Catherine "Kater" Cheek is a writer and artist.

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Apr 18

Book Review: I Am Legend

I am Legend by Richard Matheson The main problem with reading classic literature of the sort which has influenced an entire genre is that the most groundbreaking and creative aspects seem trite and derivative. I chose this because, as a novella, it consists of fewer hours than a full novel, and because it’s considered a …

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Apr 17

Red Glass Tumbler

This was one of the first things I made to warm-up and remember how to blow glass (ha ha). It’s a little small, but perfectly servicable. I adore the color.

Apr 13

February Bottlecaps 5

I totally dig the google-eye on this. Because it’s encased, it still googles. I also like the grommets (lower left). Resin has a way of tranforming some things magically. Other things, it kind of ruins. Gold leaf-backed tesserae are unimpressive, and mirrors are a little disappointing as well.

Apr 10

Proofing, Endless Proofing.

Here’s a picture of my first proof for Seeing Things. I guess I put a photo up here before. There’s something really exciting about holding a paper version of your book in your hand. It took a lot of frustration and exploration to get it to this point. I had been told I had to …

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Apr 10

Red Optic Vase

Had a little trouble figuring out how to photograph these. Glass is trickier than pottery. This is a vase that came out much better than I had hoped. It’s a little large for a tumbler, I think, at least for my dainty hands. To make the lines, I used the optic mold, twisted, then used …

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