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Catherine "Kater" Cheek is a writer and artist.

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Dec 05

Postcard: Yellow Rose

The challenge, when using many sheets of the same paper, is to figure out ways to bring out different parts of the background. I had thought I woudl draw more with this project, but when it came around to it, there were just too many cool images already prepared, such as this pre-cut photo of …

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Dec 01

Postcard: El Alacran

The scrapbook paper I used for this is beautiful, but while it’s a fabulous background texture, it lacks a focal point. For that, I used this Mexican Loteria card that I bought at an import store in San Diego. Because scorpions make me think of Scorpio, I used the star stamp and some embossing powder …

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Nov 30

Book Review: A Dirty Job

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore   A Dirty Job is quirky, weird, dark, and creative, if a little clumsily plotted. For some people, it might also be hilarious, though it didn’t hit my humor wavelength quite right. I needed a book for a car trip, and this was on sale at Audible, so I …

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Nov 28

Book Review: Everlost

Everlost by Neal Shusterman This book reminds me of why I like to read middle grade and YA novels–they are less likely to suck. This novel has adventure, danger, mystery, creepy settings, good characters–basically everything you might hope for from a book written for adults, except for the kissing (only one kiss, and it’s chaste.) …

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Nov 28

Postcard: Sunflower Text

I had hoped, on the black and white text above, that I would be able to drop small pools of epoxy resin and make epoxy stickers. I discovered that I used the wrong kind. I think I have to use the quick setting epoxy, not the kind of resin that I pour into my magnets. …

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