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Catherine "Kater" Cheek is a writer and artist.

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Nov 07

Postcard: Real Art Tulip

This is another one where I piggybacked on other people’s art. These papers are too beautiful not to showcase. In this case, instead of adding an oak leaf, I added an embossing from a stamp that says “Real Art Has the Capacity to Make Us Nervous.” On the back, I used a different sheet of …

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Nov 03

Book Review: It’s What He Would’ve Wanted

It’s What He Would’ve Wanted: A Novel by Sean Hughes If jokes about suicide make you chuckle, then you might enjoy IT’S WHAT HE WOULD’VE WANTED by Sean Hughes. It’s very dark, set in London, and not for the squeamish or demure. Sean Hughes is billed on the back flap as a famous humorous writer. …

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Nov 03

Postcard: Oak Leaf

This was a good excuse to use some of that cool artsy crap that I tend to hoard in preparation for a project which never occurs. There are some things which I purchase simply because they are too cool to not own, and then they are too cool to actually use for anything. I’m trying …

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Oct 31

Postcard: Bird and Map

This one was a postcard that I did a lot more to, but it didnt’ turn out as well. I took the time to cut this bird image off of a piece of art paper I have, and I pasted it down on the blue background, and then I embossed the image of the map …

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Oct 27

Postcard: Fish and Face postcard

I used as the base of this a beautiful piece of 12″ x12″ paper that I got from a big pack during my annual craft glut at Thanksgiving. I love this paper. It’s nicely heavy cardstock (not heavy enough for this, but not a bad start) that has a gorgeous design on both side. It’s …

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