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Catherine "Kater" Cheek is a writer and artist.

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Jan 02

Book Review: Black Heart

Black Heart by Holly Black I knew this book came out a while ago, but I’d been sort of saving it, figuring that since I adored the first two, I’d adore this one as well. It did have a lot to live up to. Both the first two books were just about perfect. If you …

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Dec 30

Changer’s Turf Published!

Changer’s Turf is finally published. Went over the digital proof last night and checked it for errors. How many proofs was that? 6? 7? Thanks so much to all my helpful mistake-finders! Here’s the createspace link if you want a copy before all your friends have one. Amazon will take a little longer, but not …

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Dec 25

Changing Places/Changer’s Turf

Well, CHANGER’S TURF, the fifth book in the Kit Melbourne series has been delayed again by some small changes I need to make.  I’m stlil hoping for it to be out before the end of the year, but I need a few edits and another proof, a process which takes at least a week. It …

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Dec 24

Book Review: Friendfluence

Friendfluence: The Surprising Ways Friends Make Us Who We Are by Carlin Flora Since I haven’t read other books (that I can remember) specifically dealing with friends and friendship before, I expected this book to really blow me away. Friends are a huge influence in our lives, almost as great as families, and greater for …

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Dec 23

Aromatherapy Keyhole 2

  Here are some more aromatherapy sprigs I made. Some of these were gifts, and some of these will be gifts. Jewelry can be very satisfying to make, but I hardly wear any of it.