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Feb 17

Children’s Vests

It’s time for the Renaissance Festival again, and of course the costumes the children wore last year are unsuitable for this year.  My husband sweet-talked me into making bodices for the children.  I’ve made dozens of these, but the necessity of making them, often at the last minute, has sucked the joy out of it …

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Jan 24

Greenman Barette

This is a present I made for Jane, whose birthday is tomorrow.  My camera isn’t here right now, so I had to photograph it using the scanner instead.  It would have scanned better if I had done it before gluing on the barette backing, but I think the detail came out well enough.  This piece …

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Sep 08

First Friday Henna

I went to First Friday downtown last night to peddle mehindi.  It was successful in that Windy was good company and the atmosphere was relaxing, but not successful in that I didn’t convince many people to get henna done.  Also, I’d brought a lantern, but the children must have left it on all night because …

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Sep 05

Dragon Henna

I was experimenting with a new recipe tonight and wanted to test it out on my arm. My first problem was that the goop was too thin, so I had to add more powder. I worried that the henna had indigo in it again, because it was bright green, but it didn’t. It’s just fresh. …

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Aug 18

More Henna Fun

I had more fun with henna tonight and Friday night.  Some people volunteered to let me use their skin as canvases, though I didn’t remember to photograph all of it.  I’m afraid that the batch tonight was mislabled and contained some indigo, because it was unusually blue-green. :(  Either that or I added too much …

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