Category: Art Journal

Nov 14

Crow Charm Book

I’d had three half-finished book covers waiting around for a long time, probably a year or more, and never gotten around to finishing them. Partly it was a lack of time, and partly it was because I felt like I lacked any creative ideas. This is kind of unusual for me, but when I feel …

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Apr 24

Blue Altered Book Page

This is an altered book that I started a while ago. I’d been using different pages for different techniques, but I’d left this page, with the three cut-out alcoves alone. I wanted to work with the juxtaposition of teal with that apricot color. I love these two colors together. First I took the blue art …

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Apr 20

February Bottlecaps 6

These are my favorite of the February batch of bottlecaps. I like the watch face because of its complexity, the baby’s arm because it’s creepy, and the bolt over the flower because it works from a composition standpoint.

Mar 24

Gothic Altered Book

It’s funny how sometimes the things that take you the longest are the least impressive. I spent a long time on this book. It had many different steps, from screwing the pages shut, to cutting the insert out. I agonized over every piece to put into the book. Which colors go right? Do I draw …

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Mar 19

Art Journal…Done!

This is the last set of pages of my art journal. I was thinking about whether to work on my last entry in my art journal, or whether to start the collage project, and I ended up doing both.  First I started writing out in ink ideas about what I wanted to try. This was both …

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