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Feb 27

Laura’s Art Journal

This is my sister’s art journal. We made a pair of them and took turns doing pages.  She currently has mine, and I have one page left to do in hers.  We might take a while to finish it, as we are in the middle of another art project, the altered book round robin.  Reproduction allowed courtesy …

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Feb 19

Laura’s Altered Book

This is the altered book that my sister started for our round robin.  It’s quite difficult to photograph them, as they don’t want to lie flat.  I hope I can come up with a better way, maybe a clear acrylic plate holder or something. I might paint the scene behind the door (the hinges work!) …

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Jan 15

Altered Book Cover Part Two

After the leather dried, I painted it with acrylic paint.  They do sell dyes for leather, but the guy at Tandy, who was perfectly willing to sell me hundreds of dollars of crap I don’t need, said that acrylic would work just fine. I first painted the sun red, then painted over it with gold …

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Jan 14

Altered Book Cover Part One

Here’s the cover I’m doing for my altered book.  I used a piece of vegetable cured leather, 4-5oz.  I wanted to have the look of cord-bound book, so I wrapped plastic over the book (to protect it from water) then wound it with twine.  I got the leather wet and stretched it over the twine to …

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Jan 13

Altered Book

Altered Book 7 Altered Book 6 Altered Book 5 Altered book 4Altered book 2 Altered book 1I started a round-robin altered book project with three other artists.  Each of us chose a book and altered it in some way.  I chose to alter the structure, and cut windows through the pages. I used paste and scraps of paper …

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