Category: collage

Oct 06

Swallow collage

Here’s another collage in the series I did. When I decided that the first one needed help, I set about cutting linoblocks.  I’ve cut three so far, all of birds, and I have three others that need to be cut.  No problem collaging on the slightly rough gessoed surface, so that’s good. I’ve gotten more …

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Sep 26

Sparrow Collage

The black-and-brown woodcut pattern is from wrapping paper from my favorite stationary store in Prescott.  I did the outline of the leaf by gessoing over a pressed watermelon leaf.  The sparrow linocut I did myself. In addition to learning about what looks good and what doesn’t, I’ve had to learn how to photograph 2-D pieces. …

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Sep 20

Songbird collage

I’ve been trying my hand at collage lately.  I’m so impressed by the beauty of a lot of the collage artists I’ve seen, impressed enough that I want to duplicate everything I see.  This is my first time using gesso for anything other than priming a canvas.  I saw the technique in Cloth Paper Scissors, …

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Oct 02

A Collage Sketch

This is one of my first attempts at collage.  Having just read a book on the matter, I felt obliged to include nearly every technique available to me. The girl’s face is a acrylic transfer of a photo of my daughter.  One of the problems I found with the acrylic transfer is that when washing …

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