Category: doll/faeries

Jun 29

Copper Queen Shrine

 I started out just making a lot of pieces for shrine boxes. Making these boxes is a technique I learned from a book called “Creating Personal Shrines” by Carol Owen. Basically, you paint both sides of foamcore with acrylic (or gesso? Maybe gesso works too) and let it dry. Then you glue ricepaper to each …

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Dec 25

Tree Angel

I thought I ought to post pictures of our tree angel while she was still in one piece.  She took a tumble while we were decorating this year, and the ceramic head broke at the neck.  We managed to repair her, but she’s looking her age. I made her ten years ago. My favorite part …

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Feb 24

Air Faerie

This is one of my old faeries, one of the first I made with paperclay faces. She’s also one of my favorites. Everything is made by hand.  I painted the wings, made the hair, made the dress from my own pattern, sculpted the face and hands and feet, painted them, wired them together, etc.  Pretty …

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