Category: drawing

Aug 24

Dragon Sign

This is the sign for the dragon room.  I did a practice painting for this one, but I gave it away without photographing it first.  It looks very similar to this one. I’m unsatisfied with how the photograph turned out. I always heard that more light is better when it comes to photographing, but that’s …

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Aug 09

Mermaid Sign

Because we have more than one guest room in our house, it has become necessary to give the rooms names.  After deliberation, we decided to name them after mythical animals.  The first room to be named is the “mermaid room” because a friend who has often slept there loves the ocean and identifies with mermaids. …

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Nov 15

Pigeon Fire

I did this to play around with scatchboard art a little. The format is sort of an homage to Jennifer Hewitson, whose art I admire.  I finally got some decent tools, so removing larger areas of white isn’t such a chore.  The size is only 5×7.

Sep 04

Scratchboard–Releasing a Bird

This is my first experiment with scratchboard. My sister bought me a clayboard for Christmas, and it looked expensive, so I was too intimidated to start. I got some smaller ones to ‘practice’ before I did the larger one. My inspiration is Jennifer Hewitson who illustrates a calendar I’m very fond of. I don’t know …

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Aug 21

Fruit Sketches

I went grocery shopping today, and bought a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.  The pluots are especially beautiful, but their speckled skin won’t work well as a lino cut. These sketches are going to eventually become lino cuts (three of them, anyway).