Category: Art

Sep 04

Scratchboard–Releasing a Bird

This is my first experiment with scratchboard. My sister bought me a clayboard for Christmas, and it looked expensive, so I was too intimidated to start. I got some smaller ones to ‘practice’ before I did the larger one. My inspiration is Jennifer Hewitson who illustrates a calendar I’m very fond of. I don’t know …

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Sep 03

Pepper Linocut

I finally got around to printing the pepper linocut tonight.  My first mistake was to put down too much black ink.  It turned out goopy, and the detail didn’t come out well.  Also, I think that it looks better with red, because the solid one was a red pepper, and the lighter one was a …

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Aug 26

Art Journal-Fox and Tomatoes

This is my latest page in the art journal I’m sharing with my sister.  I used copies of the notes I took at Clarion for the background, and the brown paper are tea-stained scraps of two short stories I wrote. The title of the piece is Rewriting: An Armful of Tomatoes. My analogy is that …

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Aug 22

Tomato Linocut

Here’s what I did with the tomato sketch I drew yesterday. I hope to add color with some markers, but I have to wait for the block printing ink to dry.  Look for pear and pepper linocuts in a few days!

Aug 21

Fruit Sketches

I went grocery shopping today, and bought a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.  The pluots are especially beautiful, but their speckled skin won’t work well as a lino cut. These sketches are going to eventually become lino cuts (three of them, anyway).