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Apr 11

Five of Cups

Tarot cards have traditional symbols, and traditional imagery.  Most decks’ images bear some similarity to one another.  I’m most influenced by the Morgan Greer deck, which was my first and remains my favorite deck.  This card repesents partial loss, and the card in the Morgan Greer deck looks a lot like this. The color in …

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Apr 08

Queen of Swords

Since I got my kiln working again, I went ahead and glazed the rest of the bisqued tiles from my tarot series.  It’s been…let’s say it’s been a learning experience.  First of all, I thought that “three even coats” of glaze was a little thick, but if anything, it’s not quite enough.  I don’t like …

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Apr 05

Wall Mosaic 2: They took their forms from nature…

The corner and edge tiles have been photographed separately on this site and have their own pages. I made them by trailing slip onto leather-hard clay. As for the phrase, it’s a line I used in one of my novels, Alternate Susan. I don’t know what it means. It didn’t really belong in the novel, …

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Apr 02

Wall Mosaic 1: Girl with Scythe

This is one of the wall murals I made.  I’m very happy with how they turned out. My only concern is that, because they are not fired vitreous, they might not withstand freezing.  Fortunately, we get very little freezing here. I made the middle mural about four years ago, using a renaissance painting as a …

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Mar 30


This is a picture of my front yard.  We used to have a lawn, but I killed it because I hate Bermuda grass with a furious passionate loathing.  In the summer, I let it go dead, but in the winter, I have a vegetable garden and I overseed with flowers. Last year I threw down …

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