Category: Art

Jul 28

Book Covers Step 5

This is how I attach the covers.  It’s not the final step, but anything bulky that gets glued (rather than sewn, for example) to the outside goes on after this. Top left: I cut a strip of matboard to protect the spine and, after figuring out which part of the cover I’m going to use, I …

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Jul 23

Book Covers Step 4

I decided that the green cover would look good if there were blue stamps over it.  I have a large collection of commercial rubber stamps that are so varied (and copyright free) that I sometimes use them despite my aversion to using others’ art in my collage.  Of course, once I’d inked up the glass (with …

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Jul 19

Book Covers Step 3

I had some time tonight, so I painted on washes of acrylic over the book covers. This brightens them up and makes them look more cohesive. Still have very little idea as to what the final pieces will look like. I have a vague idea to make epoxy stickers for them, but haven’t tried yet. …

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Jul 12

Smiley Ball 6

Yet another smiley ball.  This is from the original ten, but I have another batch that will be coming out of the kiln in a week or two.  I decided I’m going to just keep making them until they aren’t fun anymore.

Jul 02

Smiley Ball 5

I’m having technical difficulties with my photography set up, which means I can’t photograph anything new until I get it fixed.  Lucky for me, I’d photographed all these smiley balls as filler for just such a contingency.