Category: Art

Mar 15

48 Birds #1: The songbird that teaches

I have been wanting to embark on a collage project. That is to say, I want to start practicing in earnest to become a better mixed media artist.  I had a theme in mind: 99 Ravens.  I like pictures with ravens, after all, so why not do a series of mixed media with that as …

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Mar 12

Fifteen little books

  This is part of what I’ve been working on the last two weeks. I’ve felt irresponsible not posting anything, but this is the first time I’ve had something even remotely finished.  I also have a lot of pottery that will come out of the kiln in a week and a half.

Mar 07

Slight, Ingrain, Jaunt, Mirage, Blink

  Last batch of test tiles. Slight: plume over Stephen Hill Yellow Ingrain: desert varnish over Steven Hill Yellow Jaunt: algae moss over stoneware blue Mirage: plume over stoneware blue Blink: desert varnish over stoneware blue

Mar 03

Animosity, Happen, Wren, Naiad, Chrysalis

  (More test tiles. Glaze names below.)  Animosity: stoneware blue over smack me Happen: plume over smack me Wren: klear over smack me Naiad: algae moss over spodumene Chrysalis: desert varnish over spodumene

Feb 25

Tryst, Whirl, Oblique, Beast, Sky

This is the second set of twenty test tiles.  See Mince, Splinter, Incline, Arrival, Cellar for technique details. Tryst: klear over algae moss Whirl: stoneware blue over algae moss Oblique: stoneware blue over desert varnish Beast: algae moss over desert varnish Sky: klear over desert varnish