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Dec 01

Postcard: El Alacran

The scrapbook paper I used for this is beautiful, but while it’s a fabulous background texture, it lacks a focal point. For that, I used this Mexican Loteria card that I bought at an import store in San Diego. Because scorpions make me think of Scorpio, I used the star stamp and some embossing powder …

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Nov 28

Postcard: Sunflower Text

I had hoped, on the black and white text above, that I would be able to drop small pools of epoxy resin and make epoxy stickers. I discovered that I used the wrong kind. I think I have to use the quick setting epoxy, not the kind of resin that I pour into my magnets. …

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Nov 24

Postcard: Stamps

For the front of this I collaged several pieces of paper together, which looks good, but isn’t as practical because so many of the glues tend to allow the paper to curl up at the edges.  Some of the cancellation marks were existent already on the stamps, some were ones I added from my stamp collection, and …

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Nov 21

Postcard: Chandelier

This was one of the first postcards I made for this series, before I actually researched the USPS guidelines, so I have to use a 44 cent stamp to mail it. I couldn’t cut it smaller, because I’d alrady made the little frame on the inside (you can see the writing behind it). I am …

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Nov 17

Postcard: Witch Calendar

These images are not creative commons because they don’t belong to me. They’re from one of my favorite artists, Jennifer Hewitson, from one of the Llelwyn press Witches’ calendar. I adore this art so much that I kept the calendar for years after it (2007) was no longer useful. I just couldn’t bear to throw …

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