Category: Postcard

Nov 14

Postcard: Three Cups

The first image, you may recognize from the Morgan Tarot, one of my favorite tarot decks. I have more than one deck, and this is not the first time I’ve used the cards as part of my craft projects. I just love the imagery so much. On top of the image, I used pale embossings …

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Nov 10

Postcard: Two Calendar Birds

I love the images of the birds from the top photo. It’s from a calendar that my sister-in-law had for 2010. Each month had one of those collage images on this nice heavy cream colored weave paper. They threw it out when they moved, but I fished it out of the trash and have used …

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Nov 07

Postcard: Real Art Tulip

This is another one where I piggybacked on other people’s art. These papers are too beautiful not to showcase. In this case, instead of adding an oak leaf, I added an embossing from a stamp that says “Real Art Has the Capacity to Make Us Nervous.” On the back, I used a different sheet of …

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Nov 03

Postcard: Oak Leaf

This was a good excuse to use some of that cool artsy crap that I tend to hoard in preparation for a project which never occurs. There are some things which I purchase simply because they are too cool to not own, and then they are too cool to actually use for anything. I’m trying …

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Oct 31

Postcard: Bird and Map

This one was a postcard that I did a lot more to, but it didnt’ turn out as well. I took the time to cut this bird image off of a piece of art paper I have, and I pasted it down on the blue background, and then I embossed the image of the map …

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