Category: Pottery

Feb 10

Aromatherapy Keyholes 3

  This is the last chunk of the aromatherapy pendants I made. I believe that the crown lacks a hole to string a necklace through, so ¬†maybe I’ll use that for some other purpose. I sent some of these to my friend Sarah, who offered to help copyedit Changer’s Turf (my most recent novel). She …

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Feb 03

Spoon Rest With Wing Sprig

  Ironically, I’e been coming up with soap-dish designs for a friend of mine who runs a soap company, but this pattern isn’t in the running. I made the basic form of this by extruding soft clay through a die. The die is shaped like a smiley-mouth with fangs. That’s the best way I can …

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Jan 27

Smiley Ball Summer 2013 – F

  This is my last smiley ball of the ones I made last summer. I can’t remember who I gave this to, or if I still have it. They all kind of look alike to me after a while. I’d like to make more, and concentrate more on getting a good, smooth, expressive face. When …

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Jan 21

Keyhole Sprig Mug With Jade

  This is my favorite of these keyhole mugs I made, and the one I didn’t want to part with. Unlike the others, it has a clear jade on the ¬†inside, which I thought I’d not like as much. But it has fewer glaze flaws, fewer missed spots and drips of black.

Dec 23

Aromatherapy Keyhole 2

  Here are some more aromatherapy sprigs I made. Some of these were gifts, and some of these will be gifts. Jewelry can be very satisfying to make, but I hardly wear any of it.