Category: Printmaking

Feb 16

Moroccan Medium

 I made this postcard, as the other, with a stencil and some modeling paste and a pre-made postcard ground with black on one side and paler paper glued to the other. After I did it, I let it dry and then started layering different colors over it, which mostly stuck only to the raised surface. …

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Nov 14

Crow Charm Book

I’d had three half-finished book covers waiting around for a long time, probably a year or more, and never gotten around to finishing them. Partly it was a lack of time, and partly it was because I felt like I lacked any creative ideas. This is kind of unusual for me, but when I feel …

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Oct 08

Four Color Silkscreen

My sister-in-law gave me a silkscreening kit that included this generously sized silkscreen frame. Since I don’t usually do art this large, I decided to use the screen for four different shots so that I could try my hand at a multi colored silk screen. I started by looking for something inspirational. Since I have …

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Sep 26

Silkscreen crow close up

Here’s the close up of the new crow image. This is the third crow design, fourth, if you count the one that didn’t turn out. As you can see, I painted back in some of the details with a brush, since not all the lines on the head and claws came out. To set the …

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Sep 18

Wing Close up

So here’s the detail of the wings that I printed using the photo emulsion technique. I took the silk screen and poured a bead of photo emulsion liquid on it, and used the squeegie to put an even layer on both sides, as it said to in the directions. Then, I put it in a …

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