Category: shrine

Dec 10

Colorful Face Shrine

  I wanted to make some shrines using altoids tins filled with clear epoxy resin. My kid’s school had an art show where the kids made little dioramas and glass jars filled with layered images and resin, and I’d been mulling it over for a while. I knew I wanted to do some kind of …

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Sep 18

Heart Mirror Icon

I made this because I wanted to spend the afternoon doing art, and playing with polymer clay is a good one-day project. I have a book on making mosaics and mosaic tiles from polymer clay that I have been using as inspiration for a while.  I especially liked the icon images, which I took from …

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Jun 01

Shadowbox of Unpartable Treasures

In front of my computer monitor, I collect small mementos, things I’ve been given, things I’ve made, and other things I can’t possibly ever part with. Unfortunately, it means that my monitor area gets quite cluttered.  I decided to take the large shrine blank that I had made and create a shadowbox to turn these …

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Aug 27

Sweet and Creepy Shrine

You can definitely see the Mexican influences in this piece.  I found the Mexican lottery cards at a store in San Diego, and knew I had to incorporate them in a shrine somehow.  I tried to catch the cheerful + morbid feel of Dia de los Muertos.  I was going to go so far as …

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Jul 24

Nineteenth Century Swallow Shrine

I spent last weekend assembling the base components for three more shrines, and today I finished decorating one of them.  I was originally going to have three shelves inside, each with something on it, but instead I experimented with multi-layered collage. In the far background is a piece of a landscape. Originally I painted it …

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