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Jan 27

Smiley Ball Summer 2013 – F

  This is my last smiley ball of the ones I made last summer. I can’t remember who I gave this to, or if I still have it. They all kind of look alike to me after a while. I’d like to make more, and concentrate more on getting a good, smooth, expressive face. When …

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Dec 16

Smiley Ball Summer 2013 – G

Nov 25

Smiley Ball Summer 2013 – E

Oct 28

Smiley Ball Summer 2013 – C

When the cups I was making as gifts didn’t turn out, I was glad that I had so many smiley balls. Everyone seems to like them. I like that they’re high fired, so if you don’t have room for tschotschkes in your house, you can put them in the garden in a pile of river …

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Oct 10

Smiley Ball Summer 2013 – B

All of the smiley balls are meant to look as though they are ecstatically happy. Sometimes, this makes them look like old men with no teeth. The best one I made looks like a grinning baby. Somehow, I haven’t managed to replicate that.