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Oct 07

Smiley Ball Summer 2013 – A

I had a lot of friends who generously donated their time and helped edit my novel, and in lieu of payment, I offered to give them handmade art objects. Some people chose which art objects they wanted, but for those who didn’t specify, I made smiley balls. As people who have been to this site …

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Aug 19

Small Dark Smiley Ball

I made a new batch of smiley balls to give to my friends who helped edit my last novel.  I used some leftover clay I had from a year ago, so the smiley balls are all different colors.  Some turned out better than others.  I’d like to have some good models to work from, but …

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Aug 01

Ceramic Ball

This looks a lot like a smiley ball without a face, doesn’t it?  I wanted to do something as close to a sphere as I could manage, just because it’s pretty easy and it’s sometimes nice to have a heavy ball to roll around in your hands. I coated it with red iron oxide (as …

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Feb 27

Smiley Ball 19

I think this is one of the smiley balls that I traded away for someone else’s pot.  This is the last of the smiley balls I had photographed, except the small ones.

Feb 24

Smiley Ball 18

Here’s another one of my smiley balls. I think I still have this one. I placed it near a fountain, hoping that it would eventually get damp enough to grow moss. So far it hasn’t, but then again, we do live in the desert. I bet it would make an awesome chia pet.