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Jun 21

Book Review: Sleepwalk With Me

Sleepwalk with Me: and Other Painfully True Stories by Mike Birbiglia Mike Birbiglia is a funny guy. I’ve heard him on “This American Life” a couple of times, and he’s a great comedian. He manages to make me laugh without resorting to racism, misogyny, or a surfiet of swear words, unlike many comedians. So when …

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Jun 10

Book Review: Microserfs

Microserfs by Douglas Coupland This book is lauded as the zeitgeist manifesto of Generation X, and to some extent, that’s true. It takes place in the mid-nineties, in Redmond, WA and Silicon Valley, and if you lived through that time (and especially if you were in your early twenties in that time) Microserfs will hit …

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Jun 06

Book Review: Mechanique-A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti

Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti by Genevieve Valentine You will never read another book quite like this one: lyrical, charming, dark, and very, very steampunk. It’s a tale of the circus, of acrobats with copper bones, of a war-torn post apocalyptic society, and of two people drawn together by their desire for a …

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May 31

Book Review: Mockingbird

Mockingbird by Sean Stewart This book didn’t end as well as it started out, which is just as well, because if it did, it would have ripped a hole in the universe due to pure awesomeness. I picked it up because I so much enjoyed Stewart’s other book PERFECT CIRCLE, and this promised to be …

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May 10

Book Review: Black Magic Sanction

Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison Kim Harrison is different for other series writers in that she has managed to consistently create compelling stories in each of her novels. If you haven’t been following the series, don’t start with this one, but if you’ve been a fan of the other books, I’m happy to tell …

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