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Mar 18

Book Review: Alive

Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors by Piers Paul Read The success of this book relates mostly to the compelling nature of the tragedy that spawned it. Even before reading this book, I’d heard the story of these Urugayans who crashed into the Andes back in 1972. It seemed like the perfect book to …

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Mar 16

Book Review: In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner I read GOOD IN BED, which I think is an earlier novel by this author, and I enjoyed it, so I expected this to be even better. Alas, it took a small step back. Like GOOD IN BED Weiner has a plump protagonist, which I approve of. This, perhaps, …

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Mar 14

Book Review: Chasing Harry Winston

Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger I read THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and found it an amusing escapist read, and assumed that this would fall along similar lines. It does. The protagonists are three young, successful, attractive women living in New York who are disappointed with their mostly perfect lives. The three women meet one …

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Mar 12

Book Review: The Pocket Therapist

The Pocket Therapist: An Emotional Survival Kit by Therese Borchard This book is a quick read, with short one or two page chapters that each have simple headings. I wasn’t expecting much. I usually don’t care for the sort of touchy-feely, feel-good, get-in-tune-with-yourself stuff, but I was hoping this would provide some sort of blueprint …

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Mar 10

Book Review: The Smart Swarm

The Smart Swarm by Peter Miller This is one of those rare, great books that manage to talk about many different fields of science and weave them together. It uses the habits and organizations of social animals (bees, ants, starlings, etc.) and relates it to how people interact with one another. It touches on everything …

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