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Dec 30

Book Slog

I’m in a book slog. You know what I mean? I trudged through two tedious books, tried to start another, and finally lost the will to read. Mediocre or dull books can sap my energy. They make me loathe to start another book. What if this one is as dull as the one before it? …

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Dec 21

Review: Hot Time in the Old Town

Hot Time in the Old Town: The Great Heat Wave of 1896 and the Making of Theodore Roosevelt by Edward P. Kohn This was the worst sort of book–not good enough that I really enjoyed reading it, but not bad enough to take it to the library without finishing it. I am not the right …

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Dec 11

Review: Robert Ballard’s Lusitania

Exploring the Lusitania: Probing the Mysteries of the Sinking That Changed History by Robert D. Ballard Ever have a piece of grade A prime beef made into a passable hamburger? Yeah, that’s what this book was like. I wanted it to be fantastic. I have a morbid obsession with maritime tragedies, and the late 19th/early …

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