Category: Pottery

Mar 28

Purple Haze Drum

  Jeremy had asked me to try to make a drum for him, and I said I’d give it a shot. It’s not an easy project.  Open bodied clays are easier for large projects, but they have a hollow sound rather than a ringing sound, which isn’t what he wanted.  If I coil-built it, I …

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Mar 07

Slight, Ingrain, Jaunt, Mirage, Blink

  Last batch of test tiles. Slight: plume over Stephen Hill Yellow Ingrain: desert varnish over Steven Hill Yellow Jaunt: algae moss over stoneware blue Mirage: plume over stoneware blue Blink: desert varnish over stoneware blue

Mar 03

Animosity, Happen, Wren, Naiad, Chrysalis

  (More test tiles. Glaze names below.)  Animosity: stoneware blue over smack me Happen: plume over smack me Wren: klear over smack me Naiad: algae moss over spodumene Chrysalis: desert varnish over spodumene

Feb 25

Tryst, Whirl, Oblique, Beast, Sky

This is the second set of twenty test tiles.  See Mince, Splinter, Incline, Arrival, Cellar for technique details. Tryst: klear over algae moss Whirl: stoneware blue over algae moss Oblique: stoneware blue over desert varnish Beast: algae moss over desert varnish Sky: klear over desert varnish

Feb 21

Mince, Splinter, Incline, Arrival, Cellar

These are the first of a set of twenty test tiles I made to try out glazes for my drums.  Instead of putting numbers on the backs, I put random words.  The tiles were made with a die and an extruder. These sushi dishes/spoon rests/soap dishes/paperweights make good test tiles that are also useful. The glaze …

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