Category: Printmaking

Apr 26

Silkscreen cards

After I finished silkscreening my tee shirts, I wanted to see if I could use blockprinting ink on the silkscreen. I had to wash the silkscreening ink off, and it specifically said that you mustn’t have any ink on the silk or you would ruin it, so I scrubbed fiercely.  I didn’t realize that the …

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Apr 22

Silkscreen Tee Shirt

I often wear tee shirts, and almost all of my shirts have no logo or design on them at all.  Usually, that’s the way I like it.  However, I’ve been toying with the idea of having a design on my shirts.  A crow, naturally, since I like them so much. I bought a silkscreening kit …

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Dec 16

Grape Leaf Prints

I just repainted our dining room, and I want to paint a frieze of grape vines around the walls, near the floor.  I debated grapevines vs. blackberries, and decided on grapevines because grape leaves are interesting, and blackberry leaves are harder to stamp.  I had hoped that I could carve grape leaf stamps out of …

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Oct 18

Pear Print

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a baren, or some kind of printing press if I’m going to make invitations and Christmas cards.– Too time consuming otherwise.

Sep 03

Pepper Linocut

I finally got around to printing the pepper linocut tonight.  My first mistake was to put down too much black ink.  It turned out goopy, and the detail didn’t come out well.  Also, I think that it looks better with red, because the solid one was a red pepper, and the lighter one was a …

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