Category: Random Musing

Jul 29

Dayrunner Promo Video

Dear Blog Friends, I made a video. Call it a promo video of sorts. I am hoping people will find it amusing on its own, and maybe they will seek my book out because of it. Here’s the link. how to stake a vampire   Kater

Jul 26

Treemaker art

My friend Keyan did this digital art inspired by TREEMAKER and she said I could post it here.

Jul 17

Why There are Tomatoes Rotting in the Kitchen

Dear Blog Friends, I finally discovered the cause of a common household problem, and have put my analysis into a handy chart for you. Note this works for just about any type of produce, snack, or food that the kids decide one day that they can’t get enough of and the next that they are …

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Jan 27

Coffee Grinders

I went to buy coffee the other day, and I decided to get it ground at the store because our burr grinder at home takes too long. They had three grinders. One was for flavored coffee only, which makes sense because flavored coffee is nasty. I don’t get it. It makes about as much sense …

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Jan 11

That Rarest of Things…

No, not an honest man in Rome, something cooler. A RATIONAL response to an emotional event.  Go check it out.