Category: Random Musing

Jan 10

Secret Fear of a Grammar-Fiend

If you’re going to operate on people’s brains, you don’t need to know how to use an apostrophe. If you’re going to drive a race car, you don’t need to know how to use an apostrophe. If you’re going to write signs, you need to have that apostrophe business down cold, damnit. If your store needs …

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Jan 01

Year of books–2010

I keep track of the books I read, both on Goodreads and in a notebook by my computer. Call it “double booking” (ha ha, ouch, sorry). In 2010 I read 87 books. I’m including two that I started and read at least a hundred and fifty pages of before setting them down. 24 of these …

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Dec 30

Book Slog

I’m in a book slog. You know what I mean? I trudged through two tedious books, tried to start another, and finally lost the will to read. Mediocre or dull books can sap my energy. They make me loathe to start another book. What if this one is as dull as the one before it? …

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Dec 03

Manly Soap

I went to buy shower soap the other day.  Most shower soap is marketed for women, and smells like fruit, flowers, herbs, or some combination thereof.  I could get ones that smelled like pomegranate-tea tree or peach-ginger blossom, or vanilla cherry.  But I don’t want to smell like food, so I went to the men’s section. …

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