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Oct 23

Alternate Susan — Chapter Fifteen

  Chapter Fifteen       Amber wouldn’t answer her phone, and I didn’t know where she lived, so the only way to find her was at work. After all, in my universe, she worked in accounts payable, and I still had the same job, so why shouldn’t she? Amber wasn’t at her desk in …

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Oct 16

Alternate Susan — Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen       The next day, the mirror finally arrived. I wanted to start the spell right away, but unfortunately, my knowledge of magic wasn’t focused enough. True, more and more of Susie’s memories came back every day, but once you started using a mirror as a scrying object, you couldn’t use it …

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Oct 09

Alternate Susan –Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen     Susie’s spell book had a way for me to find Darius. It was a ‘synchronous resonance’ spell. The way it worked was this: you prepared the spell at home, placing an object from the subject inside a cleansed power circle. Then you had thirty-one hours (thirty-one made no sense to me, …

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Oct 02

Alternate Susan — Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve       I went to the climbing gym for three hours every night that week. Firstly, because the attack had put me under terrible stress, and secondly because waiting by the phone for a guy to call is the mark of a pathetic woman. It’s especially pathetic if the guy is Bo. …

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Sep 25

Alternate Susan–Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven       Miles was right about my ward. What would it feel like, if you were trying to cross a ward and couldn’t? Would you think there was a glass wall there, or would you just decide it was uncrossable without even trying? I didn’t fully realize how strong it was until …

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